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Singer, songwriter, music teacher and composer - Music has always played an important role in my life.


Born to a musical family, I started playing piano at the age of 2 and formal lessons at 5.     As I was growing up I took lessons in guitar, violin and piano accordian. I started performing solo (singing and accompanying myself on guitar) in high school aged 16. This was when I commenced my songwriting career.

Born and bred in Melbourne Australia, I commenced my tertiary music studies at the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music when I was 18, and completed a 4 year Associate Diploma in Music (ACMM) majoring in classical piano with classical guitar as my second instrument. 


I commenced teaching piano and guitar in my second year of study at the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music .


I had 2 children in my early 20's and was active in creating music performances as part of the fundraising for their school as well as performing at their fetes and other events. I taught music in the classroom and to the kindergarten children at their school and later at another private school for a short time.


In the late 80's I instigated fundraising concerts for a healing centre I was involved with. It was in this time that I formed accoustic duos and trios and in particular Decoupage, an originals folk group. As well as collaborating and writing many of the groups' songs, I sang and played guitar in these groups.


It was around this time at the age of 30 that I commenced classical voice lessons and shortly after that I resumed study at Box Hill Institute in the Music department where I participated in the 3 year Advanced Diploma of Commercial music. Here I developed myself in Jazz, pop & commercial music. It was here I took up Jazz and contemporary singing lessons. I majored in Songwriting and Arranging and had a particularly strong focus on performance. Shortly after graduating I returned to Box Hill and completed my Bachelors degree in Applied Music majoring in Composition which included film scoring. 

In 2016 I completed and was awarded my Graduate Certificate of Music Technology at Newcastle University.


EXPERIENCED MUSIC TEACHER - Versatile and Flexible 


As a Piano, Singing and Guitar Teacher in Melbourne Australia, my teaching experience spans almost four decades. I  particularly enjoy teaching adults and am versatile in the different styles of music that I can teach given my background in classical and contemporary music and music technology. Over the Covid lockdowns in 2020 I commenced teaching piano over Zoom and am happy to continue with this medium as an alternative way to deliver music lessons to students interested in online lessons.


I have several decades of experience teaching singing, piano, guitar and many aspects of music privately and in schools, having taught students ranging in age from 2 to over 70+. 

I prepare and send many students for AMEB (Australian Music Education Board) exams in both classical piano and guitar in both the classical syllabus and the music for leisure syllabus.  I also arrange music for my students upon their request.


 In addition to being a piano, guitar and singing teacher, I have taught classroom music at primary and tertiary level and spent many years teaching kindergarten music at a number of kindergartens and at home. In that time I was a fully qualified member of the Victorian Music Teacher's Association.




I have been writing and arranging music since my mid teens. I am a member of APRA (the Australian Performing Rights Association) and have many compositions registered with them. You can hear some of my music  on this website in my albums on the music page I have written songs and composed music in a variety of styles ranging from rock, folk, blues and jazz to ambient music and for various ensembles ranging from soloist instrumentalists to 7 piece bands and other variation of instrumentalists.


I enjoy arranging and I arrange some of my students' favourite pieces for them to learn to suit their level.


I offer an arranging service for individual instrumentalists and ensembles. Feel free to contact me for further information regarding this service.


I have composed over 115 songs for voice, piano or other instruments. Currently I am in the process of documenting these for future generations. This is a long term project and I am excited to be documenting these in addition to the songs already recorded. These songs are and will be documented in a format that people can  read or hear the songs and access the charts for their own performance. Currently some of these songs have been put on to  Spotify and other music platforms as well as being available on this website.

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Music has always been know to sooth the soul. Music and healing go hand in hand and as a musician  I have always been interested in healing, at first wanting to be a doctor and then a music therapist. My life's journey took me on a different healing journey and over the years I ended up exploring and learning numerous healing modalities and trained as a spiritual healer. Concurrent with my years of experience as a musician and teacher I have practised healing for many years helping people through their life's challenges. Please visit my healing website here.

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